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Learn How to Fall
After failing it is imperative to find the inner strength to go one and do it right the second time around. As so often, the answer lies in yourself!

Around the World
"What does that sign say", we asked ourselves as our eyes moved back and forth between the pictogram and the Wisla river. Then winter arrived...

Confirmation of Big Five
"Can you confirm?" How often have we heard this question? Confirmation can be a family event... and a time to think about the "Big Five for Life"!

A Concert and a Goal
After a year like a rollercoaster, sort of a Hitchcock Railway, we'd target to attend a Joe Cocker concert. It became a synonym for recovery and stability.

Forever Jester
Excitement is contagious, even during a kids puppet theater show, where little Kasperl-fans would jump up, as the bad witch enchants the jester hero.

Pacific Rim Story
Going to the movies is more than just something to do. If you play jokes when ordering tickets though, you may get surprised....

Someday Never Comes
"Be strong" and "One day you'll understand!" Heard these motivational speeches before? A Creedence-song reminds me of a late colleague.

No Nose Knows
Visiting places in Asia can be like entering a fascinating world. Optically an outsider, one may discover commonalities, where not expected.

Sounds Greek
Too often, we talk just to talk. Why they call that Austrian talking in Poland and what other nationalities are involved in strange things, you can find here.

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